After starting the program the first thing you should do is to choose the folder where the converted files will be saved. By default Video to video converter will create a VideoOutput folder in "My documets" folder on your computer. If you want the converted files to be saved in another folder, select the desired folder by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen.
Basics of converting videos:

  1. To add a video to the conversion list, click on the "Add" button and select the desired video file. After this a dialog will appear where you can select the desired conversion format. First, there are displayed general video formats, then the audio formats and after that they are listed by device. By clicking on the icon of a video format the program will load the default settings which will be displayed in the grid on the right.

  2. Now you need to set the video conversion output parameters, if you want them to be different from the default parameters. This is explained in detail in the next section. If you do not want that, click on the OK button and your video or audio file will be added to the list for conversion. By clicking on the Convert button the conversion will start and during the conversion you can click on the Preview button to have a visual representation of how far the conversion has progressed.

  3. Wait for the conversion to finish.

Explanation of parameters:

The first block of information named "main information" is not so important and it is only an informational part that shows which format you have chosen, the extension, the length of the input file. If you want to see more data related to the video input, select the "Source file info" option.


The option that provides the quality of converted videos. The available options are usually from 1-Lowest to 8-Higest with 1 being the lowest and 8 the highest quality. By selecting any of these options, video and audio bitrate will be automatically selected. If you select the "same as source" option, Video to video converter will convert the video file so that the quality is almost identical to the input video. However, the use of this option is recommended if the size of the output video does not matter to you, and if the video will not be copied to other media where there is limited capacity such as DVD, CD, USB, etc. Beginners will benefit the most from this option because it is not necessary to perform an additional setup.
If you choose the "Custom" options, then you can adjust the settings according to your needs and desires.

Short Explanation of parameters:


Click here for more informations.


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With Video converter you can add subtitles to your videos. Click here for more info.


These are options that are not used as often, but if you still need this information, click here.


Click here to see the basic settings of video converter.

Video joiner

serves to merge several video or audio files into one. Video files you want to merge are added using the "Add" option. However, sometimes you may have a lot of files that are in a particular folder and if you want to merge them use the "Add Folder" option. After this a dialog will appear that offers you to choose which files from the folder you want to add, in relation to the extension type. By default, all extensions are included but you can make a different choice, for example mark only 3gp extensions. After scanning video files using the search option you can add them to the convert list.

Split video

is a useful feature which is used to split one video into several parts. First you need to load the video file in the splitter. You can do it from the main menu or by clicking the right mouse button over the popup menu. Now it is necessary to mark the selection. To mark the selection, use the buttons similar to brackets. For precise video segments marking you can use the "Step one frame" option. When you mark a selection it will be displayed in blue. With "Add segment" you save a video file segment. You can have an arbitrary number of selections/scenes. Once you have cut all the desired scenes, by confirming "OK" prepare them for the conversion.

Convert DVD to video

is actually a DVD Ripper. Standard DVD video discs can be converted to video files and you can watch your favorite movies on the computer. DVD Ripper allows you to convert a DVD from a single run without decoding work as some programs. Thus, you can directly convert DVD into a format, or a format for iPhone, Android, iPad or other device. DVD converter has the option to select the language that will be burned together with the video. You can also choose to extract only the audio if you want to extract a soundtrack, music from a concert, etc.

Burn DVD

is an option to first burn Authoring DVD to a DVD medium. For this you can use an alternative program such as Nero.