Q: Is there any difference in functionality between standard and portable version of Video to video converter?


One difference is that the portable version does not come with installed support for VobSub Filter subtitles. This is done in order not to violate the rules of the application portability. However, there is the possibility in the Settings for this to be added later.

Q: I installed the video converter and when I add a file and click �Start�, nothing happens?

A: Look at the log file, there you'll find the information if there had been some mistake and which one it is, then you can take steps to correct it. See also the next question.

Q: I cannot manage to convert a video, can you help me?

A: Of course, send the video to one of the file sharing servers, then through our contact form send us the link to the video file with the error description.

Q: I want to use this program but I can�t make my mind because I do not know how long it is going to be free?

A: No worries, Video to video converter is a free program and always will be.

Q: Does this program install various codecs on my operating system?

A: No, unlike many other video converters, our video converter relies on ffmepg libraries that come with it and are not integrated into the operating system. The only exception is VobSub Filter for subtitles but it can be turned off.

Q: I'm a beginner so I want to know if this program can also convert video files downloaded from YouTube?

A: Yes, you can convert YouTube files in all main formats and for various devices: mobile phones, iPhone, etc.